• Global maritime situational awareness shared between Maritime Operation Centre and vessels
  • Interoperability with NATO messaging & commercial standards (OTHT-Gold, AIS, ARPA, GIS…)
  • Better decision support and collaborative Navy missions command & control
  • Support and coordination of military (air-sea-land) and maritime safety and security missions (coast guards, inter-agencies, coalitions …)
  • Open, modular and scalable architecture enabling integration of customer’s mission packages

A comprehensive Maritime C4I system, supporting defense, safety and security operations at regional and national command levels

Streamlining Network-Centric Operations in the maritime domain entail collaboration and coordination with multiple actors and compliance to several interoperability standards.


  • Protect vital assets in national waters and EEZ (navigation routes, undersea material, fi sh, environment) from any type of threats
  • React on-time to asymmetrical attacks (piracy, smuggling…)
  • Command platforms (vessels, submarines, aircraft…) from an integrated Maritime Operation Centre
  • Allow tailored C4I deployment on board platforms
  • Unify communications and provide ad-hoc connectivity
  • Ensure interoperability for joint and interagency operations (coalitions, coast-guards, customs, port authorities…)



The Thales’ Maritime C4I Computerized Command, Control, Communication and Information solution provides Navy operators with the ability to optimize operations to:

  • Communicate securely through a unifi ed ship-toshore network with legacy or new generation of digital naval radios (V/UHF, PMR/LTE, HF) and SATCOM
  • Access to core services as secured Intranet services (mail, chat, web portal, e-documents management) and GIS
  • Provide high level decision-support through dedicated mission packages (MP) including Recognized Maritime Picture, vessels of interest intelligence database, airspace coordination, water management, METOC
  • Host mission data and applications in a private secured cloud server environment Maritime C4I box in MOC and command ships
  • Exchange tactical situations with coastal surveillance and defense shore-based systems
A C4I entry-level configuration is integrated on board small vessels with a laptop, hosting the core services of Comm@nder, a SATCOM connection, and interfaces to local sensors (AIS, radar)


  • Deployed on 67 platforms and 7 MOC for Canadian Coast Guards and Navy
  • Deployed and operational on 70 ships and 30 MOC for the French Navy
  • Participation to NATO CWIX 2012, Noble Mariner, Bold alligator
  • In operation for Harmattan (Libya), Atalanta (Horn of Africa)