Ocean Master is a low-volume, lightweight system used to monitor surface ships, detect submarine periscopes, track their movements and accurately classify all the detected vessels. The system is also used to maintain surveillance over territorial waters, including offshore oil and gas facilities, for search and rescue and EEZ control operations.

The Ocean Master radar has been designed to operate in dense electromagnetic environments, under all weather conditions and high sea states.

The radar relies entirely on digital technologies, and all signal and data processing functions are fully programmable. The main modes of operation, options included, are as follows:

  • Long-range target detection and tracking
  • Detection and tracking of small targets
  • Short-range target detection and tracking
  • Moving-target indication (MTI)
  • Target classification
  • High-resolution imagery (ISAR, SAR)
  • Detection and tracking of airborne targets
  • Beacon mode
  • Weather avoidance
  • Navigation.

Ocean Master can track up to 200 targets simultaneously. Very high-resolution SAR and ISAR imaging modes are available for target recognition and classification. Ocean Master offers a wide range of automatic functions designed to enhance usability and reduce operator workload.

With its modular architecture, compact and lightweight design, low power consumption, the radar is easy to install on any kind of aircraft. Different sizes of antennas are available to fit any kind of radomes.

Its advanced, integrated built-in test function makes useless intermediate level maintenance test benches, significantly reducing the cost of ownership.

The Ocean Master radar, in its different versions, has been ordered by France and the armed forces of numerous other countries.