High resolution towed Side Scan Sonar for detection and classification of bottom and short tethered mines.

  • Very high coverage rate
    The combination of high speed of advance and long detection range in SAS mode enables rapid large area surveys for military or civilian purposes.
  • High resolution enabling Artificial Intelligence
    The very high resolution of 5cm x 3.5cm up to 150m range is associated with Thales Integrated Automatic Detection/Classification and Target Recognition (ATR) technology to make real-time decisions and to achieve assigned Mine Warfare mission with a high level of confidence.
    It is the key enabler of Thales intelligent mission systems embedded in Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV).



The T-SAS is the upgraded version of the TSM 2054 SSS (Side Scan Sonar) which has been in service for more than 12 years with the Danish Navy (8 ship sets, 12 vehicles and sonar).

3 ship sets of the T-SAS have been sold to the French Navy under the name of DUBM-44.

T-SAS has been recently ordered by a prominent Navy for an effective survey of major critical traffic lanes. 


T-SAS includes proven cutting edge Synthetic Aperture Sonar technology for very high resolution as well as high coverage rate.

Picture quality combined with long range and high speed gives the operator a great advantage for rapid sea bottom survey and appropriate decisions.


  • Conventional and SAS real time image generation and display
  • Data handling tools to e.g. select and mark the object, zoom in/out on the targets, measure and mark the object size and shape and that of the shadow, perform geographic reference
  • Management of the data storage and recording consistence with all the MCM activities
  • Aided Detection (CAD) of MILEC and large shadow areas
  • Computer Aided Classification (CAC)
  • Classification by location
  • Object geographic localization
  • Sonar Performance Indicator
  • Side-Scan Sonar mosaics
  • Support of tactical information
  • Pattern-matching



Speed: 11 knots
Water depth: 200m
Range: 2 * 150m
SAS mode:
Coverage rate 3.0 km2/h
Resolution 3,5 cmx 5 cm @ 150 m
Conventional mode:
Coverage rate 5.5 km2/h
Resolution 3.5 cmx11 cm @ 75 m (max range = 150 m)