Thales features cutting-edge technology, including liquid crystal displays, smart head-up display and laser gyro/GPS navigation. Its unmatched performance and robustness reflects our long-standing dual technology experience as avionics supplier to Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, EADS, Dassault Aviation, Eurocopter, Sukhoï, Marshall and other industry leaders.

TopDeck is today certified on both civil and military platforms: C130, C295, P3-Orion, Dash8, A109, S 76...

1) Mission functions
- Military radios
- Mission system
- NVG compatible
- Search and Rescue
- Comm Plan
- Dropping Management CARP/HARP
- Pilot and tactical database
- DAFIF, airforce specific database
- Restricted zones management

2) Glass cockpit
- Multifunction display system NVG compatible
- LCD large field of view HUD
- Large displays with various formats
- Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument (IESI)
- Primary Flight, NAV/RNAV, FPLN, Terrain, TCAS, WXR, MAP & Video information

3) Flight Management
- PRNAV capable FMS with military specific modes
- Logistic and tactical navigation
- Required Time of Arrival
- Worldwide nav. Database
- Performance parameter management
- Speed parameter management
- Moving map with flight plan interactivity
- Standard database: waypoints, NAVAIDS, Airports, SID/STAR

4) Situation awareness
- Weather radar
- Weather and chart data
- Video camera

5) Flight Director & Autopilot
- Digital dual Flight Director and fail passive autopilot and Yaw Dumper
- CAT II capable autopilot, Flight Director Go around
- FMS managed L-NAV + V-NAV after Top of Descent

6) Radio Management
- Smart control of the installed Radio COM & Radio NAV set

7) Mission preparation and maintenance
- Mission preparation, briefing and debriefing
- Performance database management
- Centralized diagnostic system
- Interactive troubleshooting
- Diagnostic: fault reports
- Data Transfer Module (DTM)
- Loadable software