TopOwl® is the result of over twenty years experience in the Helmet Mounted Sight Display field for rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft.



TopOwl has been designed by pilots for pilots.

Using state-of-the-art technology to provide the only complete, integrated helmet system solution:

  • Visor projection
  • Integrated symbol generator
  • Head movement detection
  • Complex optics
Thales Group - topowl

These features reduce crew workload and increase situational awareness for enhanced flight safety. TopOwl designed for safety, is the most comfortable and well-balanced helmet system on the market.

TopOwl® has been selected by more than 15 countries for their armed forces.

Main characteristics:
- Binocular 40° field-of-view
- Visor projection
- Modular Integrated Image Intensifier
- Compatible with full weapon suite: Guns, Rockets, Missiles
- Headborne weight < 2.2 kg
- Customized helmet liner to pilot head
- Integrated Display Capabilities:
. Stroke symbology
. Raster video image (FLIR)
. Image intensified secure