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    Thales Canada Defence & Security

    16 Nov 2016
    Thales Canada Defence & security video - UPDATED Nov 2016 - NEW TITLE FOR A VP
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    MILIPOL QATAR 2016 - Day 2 on Thales stand

    07 Dec 2016
    Digital, commercial, official, technical, professional visitors on the Thales stand
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    2017 Defence overview Group movie - Indonesian version

    20 Sep 2017
    Defence video Indonesian Version - In Defence, we are trusted at the highest levels to help armed forces prepare for, achieve and maintain tactical superiorite and strategic independence over any form of threat. Governments rely on Thales to protect citizens and make the world'safer. From desgning smart sensors and advanced defence systems to developing collaborative combat and connecting and equipping soldiers on the digital battlefield our systems deliver information superiorite and give joint forces mastery of action whenever they face their decisive moments.
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    International Paris Air Show 2017, day 1

    06 Jul 2017
    A selection of the best moments of the International Paris Air Show 2017, and on the Thales stand, on June 19 : take-off!
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    Australia's OneSKY programme

    29 Mar 2018
    Australia's OneSKY programme, is the world's most advanced and integrated Air Traffic Management (ATM) system.Airservices Australia and the Australian Defence Force have chosen to rely on Thales to achieve their shared ambition: integrating all civil and military air traffic into a single system that covers 11% of the globe's airspace or an area totalling 53 million square kilomètres equal to the American continent and China combined! This makes it the largest civil-military airspace integration project ever and it will support over 500 jobs in Thales' The OneSKY system represente significant progress in air traffic management delivering clear economic environmental security and safety benefits.
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    Thales Air Traffic Management (ATM) modernisation (US version)

    13 Dec 2016
    air-traffic, air-traffic-control, air-traffic-management, ATM, atm-modernisation, Thales Air Traffic Management (ATM) modernisation (US version)
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    Thales Aviobook

    05 Jul 2017
    air-traffic, air-traffic-control, air-traffic-management, air-traffic-management-Opérations, Airlines, airlines-Opérations, airsystems, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, ATM, aviobook, Connectivité EN VOL, Connectivité, Connectivité, Thales Aviobook - Digitisation reduces costs by allowing paperless Operations. Aviobook is a single software application that incorporates a suite of modèles to optimise workflows and processing of airline Operations. Secure access allows the various stakeholders in the organisation to connect (flight crew, cabin crew, dispatchers) in an efficient way.
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    20 Mar 2018
    Airborne, CAPTAS, captas_family, CSS, KINGKLIP, MCUBE, minewarfare, MOAS, SCUBE, shipborne, sonar, sonar_systems, Submarine, TSAS, UMS 4110, A global technology leader in systems for submarines, systems for surface ship, airborne systems, mine warfare and naval systems, customer service and support.
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    Thales Canada Defence & Security Stand Alone

    31 Jan 2016
    analyse_informatique, armée_canadienne, aviation_royale_canadienne, Canada, Centre_d'expérience, commandement_et_contrôle, Commander_C3, Defense_et_sécurité, Defense, Forces_canadiennes, Garde_Cotiere_canadienne, innovation, integrateur_de_logiciels, integrateur_de_systèmes, integration_des_communications, Marine_royale_canadienne, Ottawa, programme_du_système_de_Gestion_des_communications_CP-140, recherche_collaborative, simulation_technologies_immersives, systèmes_maritimes, sécurité, Thales_Canada_Numero_1_Defense_Canada_2015, The Thales Canada, Defence and security vision is to be the lead systems integrator and prime contractor of choice for the Canadian Forces.
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