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    euronaval-2016, IP, Modularity, Naval, One of the AQUILON system's module on the Thales stand at Euronaval 2016

    One of the AQUILON solution's module on the Thales stand at Euronaval 2016

    04 Dec 2016
    Crédits : Quentin Reytinas // Quentin Reytinas ©THALES
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    Cholet, Communications, communications-militaires, cybersécurité, cybersecurity, military communication, radio, Radiocommunications, Satcom, Satellite, sécurité, Smartphone, sécurité, TEOPAD, touchpad, TEOPAD's environment, Thales software security solution for smartphones.

    TEOPAD's environment, Thales software Security solution for smartphones.

    01 Jun 2016
    Crédits : Rudy Burbant ©CAPA Pictures
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    AERIAL SPACE SURVEILLANCE, AIR TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT, CENTRE DE COMMANDEMENT ET DE CONTrôle, CONTROL CENTRE, GESTION DU TRAFIC aérien, radar, SURVEILLANCE DE L'ESPACE aérien, trac2000, TRAC 2000 radar co-mounted with secondary RSM 970S radar in Ymare. The TRAC 2000 is a new generation long-range L-band primary surveillance radar designed for en-route control area with complex air traffic situations, allowing reduced separation between aircraft. RSM 970S is a Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (MSSR) that gives controller total support in severe air traffic coeditions.

    TRAC 2000 radar co-mounted with secondary RSM 970S radar in Ymare

    21 May 2012
    Crédits : Antoine Filipe // Antoine Filipe©THALES
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    CSOC, cyber, cyberattacks, cybersécurité, cybersecurity, cyberthreat, Cyber security Operations Centre (CSOC): Thales continues to develop its cyberSecurity Operations infrastructure, incorporating the latest technologies and innovations to protect the information systems of the most demanding customers.

    Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC)

    30 May 2016
    Crédits : Laurent Dubois/Thales
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    Bushmaster, Land_forces, mr6, MRVP, Tactical armored vehicule, v?hicule_blind?, The Bushmaster MR6 showcased in its ambulance version at IAV conference in London on 22nd January 2018

    The Bushmaster MR6

    25 Jan 2018
    Crédits : ©THALES
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    The pioneer in European satellite navigation, Thales Alenia Space is EGNOS prime contractor and also plays a key rôle in the Galileo program. The company is prime contractor for Galileo system assistance, the Galileo Mission Segment (GMS) and the Galileo security Facility (GSF). All four Galileo IOV satellites were assembled, integrated and tested by Thales Alenia Space.


    29 Oct 2015
    Crédits : ©ESA
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    Aircraft, AMASCOS, Console, Maritime, SEARCHMASTER, Surveillance, AMASCOS Console with Searchmaster radar

    AMASCOS Console with Searchmaster radar

    02 Nov 2016
    Crédits : ©THALES
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    Vigile is a lightweight, naval radar Electronic Support Measures (RESM) system set to redefine situational awareness for small vessels. It detects, identifies and displays air and surface threats in real time, providing tactical situational awareness wherever needed for small vessels.

    IDFU (Interferometric Direction Finding Unite antenna for Vigile surface)

    21 May 2012
    Crédits : Mario Guerra // Mario Guerra ©THALES
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    Thales Variable Depth Sonar Captas-4 on board Multi-Missions Frégate Languedoc (FREMM) on the Mediterranean Sea.

    CAPTAS-4 onboard of FREMM Languedoc

    28 Jan 2018
    Crédits : FILMS06 // ©THALES/FILMS06