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Thales Speakers Bureau

Discover how technology can help build a future we can all trust

Thanks to our Thales experts, you will learn more about how the Group’s new technologies and talents contribute to building a safer world.

Thales Speakers Bureau speakers will make the invisible visible, in order to identify and review best practices with you, so that we can face the new challenges in our main markets together.

Why the Thales Speakers Bureau?

Inspiring in-house experts who provide answers to the big questions facing society.

The Thales Speakers Bureau brings together Thales engineers, scientists and experts from around the world, all renowned in their fields and passionate about sharing their experience as broadly as possible.

The aim is to explain, in simple terms, issues that may sometimes be complex or difficult to grasp. The members of the Thales Speakers Bureau are thus able to help provide you with answers to today’s major technological challenges.

We believe that technology is part of the solution to the most important societal challenges, but it is not enough. More than ever, we need human intelligence, knowledge and a wide variety of perspectives to enable technology to be synonymous with progress and help build a future we can all trust.

Today more than ever, we need human intelligence, knowledge, perspective and education, because that is how technology will drive progress and help to build a future we can all trust.

Peggy Nahmany Peggy Nahmany Executive Vice-President, Communications

Ask an expert

Whether it be in the field of aeronautics, cybersecurity, quantum technology, artificial intelligence, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), digital identity or major trends in technology, our experts can bring their knowledge and insights to conferences and events such as:

Need further information?

The Thales Speakers Bureau is a free service offered by the Thales Group. 

As a result, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be satisfied. Flexibility regarding dates will help us find a speaker who meets your needs. Please feel free to specify this in the “Message” section of the form. 

Our speakers do not accept gifts, fees or any other form of compensation. If you wish to compensate our speakers for taking part in your event, you can contact the Thales Solidarity charitable fund to support community projects.