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Thales launches a secure marketplace to accelerate Restricted Distribution projects for strategic industries

  • Thales has launched TrustNest R-Suite to enable French administrations, government agencies and industries (defence, aerospace, energy, critical national infrastructure and essential service providers, etc.) to communicate, design and innovate more efficiently on projects involving sensitive information classified at Restricted Distribution (RD) level (Diffusion RestreinteDR, classifié de niveau Défense) in the French official classification system.
  • TrustNest R-Suite, the first RD-certified suite of as-a-service applications, is now available to French software editors, providing unprecedented capabilities at this level of security and compliance. It brings to its final users the benefits of the cloud and access to a set of high-performance professional applications.
  • TrustNest R-Suite is hosted by TrustNest R-Cloud, the first RD-certified cloud. Operated by Thales, TrustNest R-Cloud provides a shared infrastructure for customers, while guaranteeing sovereignty and a high level of security. 
© Thales
© Thales

Due to a lack of suitable tools, French administrations, government agencies and strategic industries encounter major difficulties in collaborating effectively on projects involving sensitive data classified as Restricted Distribution (DR, classifié de niveau Défense). They also face the need for increasing investment to maintain an adequate level of service and security on local on-premise infrastructure.

With the launch of TrustNest R-Suite, the first RD-certified as-a-service application suite, Thales brings the cloud revolution to companies and public authorities working with sensitive data, enabling them to collaborate, communicate, develop and innovate more effectively and securely on sensitive projects, both internally and with outside partners, all at the same time.

For the first time, applicationdevelopers have access to a platform where they can immediately publish their applications with a high level of security and make them available "as-a-service" to address the market for highly secure collaborative applications.

TrustNest R-Suite offers a selection of existing collaborative business software applications and will be expanded to include new solutions from third-party developers and start-ups. It also incorporates the Cybels HubDR collaborative solution, including the Citadel and Cryptobox messaging and document management and sharing tools, and the Thales Headlight military support application suite.


Thales is proud to offer the only cloud solution with Restricted Distribution certification, not only for the players in France’s defence and space industrial and technological base, but also for all critical national infrastructure (CNI) providers and government ministries. It also includes a marketplace for the most innovative applications to drive even more effective collaboration,” said Jean-Michel Craste, Vice President, Thales Services Numériques.

TrustNest R-Cloud and TrustNest R-Suite are helping to drive the digital transformation of high-tech industries, administrations and government agencies with an unmatched level of security. With these solutions, all these players and the broader developer community have access to high-performance services, additional capacity for innovation, new sources of revenue and significant productivity gains, thanks to the benefits of the cloud,” added Raphaël de Cormis, Vice President, Thales Digital Factory.

TrustNest R-Cloud is the first cloud solution with Restricted Distribution certification. It is operated and managed by Thales in France and meets the requirements of Ministerial Instruction II9011 on the protection of systems handling Restricted level information. It improves collaboration by making it possible to use SaaS software across the networks of multiple partners. In addition, it offers state-of-the-art secure software application development and deployment tools, enabling organisations to benefit from all the advantages of a cloud infrastructure: elasticity, scalability and updatability.

As a trusted partner, Thales offers users of public, private, defence and restricted clouds highly secure, easy-to-deploy solutions that are tailored to the nature of the organisations involved, the level of protection required and their specific service needs.

Find out more about TrustNest R-Suite here: TrustNest R-Suite (thalesgroup.com)

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