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New Airborne Electronic Attack concept for electronic support jamming missions in present and future environments

Increased ES/EA mission capability through advanced jamming functions

  • Pod or internally mounted, for fighter aircraft, UAV, J-UCAV or mission aircraft with network centric warfare (NCW) capabilities
  • Very high power main / side / scattered lobe jamming
  • Unsigned raid DDA, up to RF horizon action possible
  • Smart techniques / coherent waveforms / covert jamming
  • Smart power management using active phased array transmitter

Outstanding performance with latest jamming technologies

  • Solid-state active phased array AESA jamming
  • Highly sensitive digital reception
  • Highly effective multi-bit DRFM jamming techniques

Main features

  • Very high ERP, for main, side and scattered lobes jamming
  • Multiple DRFM architecture for simultaneous beam aimed multi-threat jamming
  • Smart digital jamming techniques
  • Wide angular coverage, up to 360°
  • Extended low and high brand threat coverage capabilities

Carbone Demonstration Aircraft
The new Thales AEA concepts and technologies have been implemented within the CARBONE demonstration programme.
CARBONE was presented and evaluated during the MACE X NATO trials, operating against sophisticated eastern/western radar technologies.