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Declaration of Accessibility

Thales is engaged in a process to progressively make its group web site ( more and more accessible, in the sense of allowing people with various handicaps to be able to navigate and interact with the content and applications found therein.

Where applicable, we also work to bring the site into conformity with established legislation. To that end, Thales has proceeded to audit our web site according to the French Référentiel Général d’Amélioration de l’Accessibilité (RGAA) version 4.0. 

Results of the test

The audit, produced by the company Atalan in September and December 2020, show that the Thales web site respects 32% of the criteria of the RGAA version 4.0. As such, the web site cannot be considered to be accessible as of December 2020. Details of the problem areas are listed on the French version of this page.

Improvement plan

An improvement plan was rolled-out in 2021 with a goal to achieve a minimum of 50% of the criteria of the RGAA version 4.0 by years end. A counter-audit was conducted in June 2021 and revealed that 55% of the criteria of the RGAA version 4.0 are respected.