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The markets we serve are fiercely competitive and extremely demanding, and it takes real talent and expertise to meet the requirements of our customers and keep them satisfied.

This Supplier page is designed to help you better understand our expectations and how we want to work with our suppliers – because we believe that treating you as partners has a critical role to play in our business success.

The future may be uncertain, but we're learning to deal with uncertainty. In fact, we're building it into our Operating Model so we can perform even better, be more resilient, and guarantee our long-term future by working with our suppliers in the best ways possible.

Thales can only deliver operational excellence if its suppliers deliver excellent performance!

Roque Carmona Group Chief Procurement Officer

Most of Thales's businesses are experiencing rapid growth, and to satisfy this growing demand we need our suppliers to work with us in complete transparency without releasing efforts on competitiveness, quality and performance.

So let's work together, innovate and succeed together to build a future we can all trust.

Procurement Stakes

  • Operational Excellence: Operational excellence creates value for customers. Our goal is to be best-in-class in terms of operational performance, and we believe closer cooperation with our suppliers is the best way to achieve that goal and to limit the risks for our customers.
  • Competitiveness: To guarantee our cost competitiveness over the long term, we need to push back boundaries. That means finding more efficient ways of working together, seizing new business opportunities in countries such as India and the United Arab Emirates, and harnessing the full potential of digital technologies.
  • Innovation: Some of the best innovations come from people outside our own organisation. That's why we expect our suppliers to be creative and propose new ideas, but also to challenge the way we design and produce our systems and services today. You are the experts in your field – that's why we've chosen to work with you!
  • Sustainability: Thales has set some very ambitious targets for reducing its carbon footprint. For example, we have committed to reduce the emissions of all purchased products and services by 15% by 2030 – so our suppliers clearly have a crucial role to play in achieving our sustainability goals.
Active Suppliers
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Sustainable Procurement 

In the service of  the Group’s CSR policy.

The mission of Sustainable Procurement is to ensure the deployment of the Group’s CSR policy with regard to suppliers and to manage the non-financial performance of Procurement.

The Sustainable Procurement policy is based on six key commitments including the fight against climate change.

Our tendering process includes a reinforced CSR dimension with criteria to value our suppliers’ commitments in terms of extra-financial performance, including elements related CO2 emissions reduction, the ability to propose eco-designed solutions, ISO certifications and all inclusion and diversity stakes.

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Cyber Resilience

This is critically important to Thales’s activities  and customers, and therefore to all our partners in the supply chain.

Cybercrime is going to cost the global economy 5.2 trillion dollars between 2020 and 2025, and cybersecurity incidents are currently one of the main risks that companies face.

The security of its customers is a priority for Thales, but so too is that of its suppliers. That is why Thales has decided to use its cybersecurity expertise to deploy a vast plan of action to protect its suppliers from cyberattacks.


New Opportunities

Maintaining a local presence in our countries of operation is the key to understanding our markets and staying close to our customers. Anything our suppliers can do to support that policy is highly valued – and may open up new opportunities for you at the same time!

India, for example, is becoming increasingly important to Thales as a globally cost competitive region for manufacturing and services, as well as a talent pool for highly educated R&D experts.

Thales is investing resources to establish a permanent procurement footprint in the country.

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Collaborative Tools

Our collaborative tools enable our Suppliers to engage with Thales' Procurement organisation. As a Supplier, you can onboard your company, participate to sourcing projects / RFx, update your data, and more. Access to these applications is restricted to our suppliers.