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Fully integrated airborne mission system for ground and maritime surveillance

Illegal immigration and terrorism in unsecured areas are on the rise. In parallel, demand for maritime surveillance and maritime patrol aircraft is growing as worldwide submarine fleets expand, and as piracy and trafficking activities increase.

Additionally, national sovereignty and security are posing the need for tighter control of desert and boarder regions, using outstanding airborne detection systems. 

Providing confidence in mission success for operators, able to operate in complex theaters  

The Thales AMASCOS® mission system is the ideal solution to meet such a wide range of end-user operational requirements. The AMASCOS® portfolio now offers even broader multi-mission capabilities covering both ground and maritime surveillance missions.

Focus on mission management and forget sensors management

Configured with the latest generation of sensor suites and innovative, user-friendly interfaces, AMASCOS is currently flying worldwide for Navies and Air Forces Customers.

This system is built around a Command and Control and integrates a full range of latest generation sensors and communication equipment to ensure the success of airborne surveillance missions:

Whatever the mission, over land and over sea 


Area and border surveillance
Traffic control in the EEZ
Tactical situational awareness
Recognized maritime picture
Search and Rescue


Counter-narcotics operations
High value asset protection
Hostage-taking management & intervention


Anti-Surface Warfare
Anti-Submarine Warfare
Guidance for cooperative assets

Commited to Customer Care

AMASCOS is a proven solution supported by Thales expertise for Customer care, and because, we have a huge network of Thales entities or Key Industrial Partners around the world, we are able to support our Customer in his country.



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