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Our Montreal office designs and integrates avionics suites, fly-by-wire flight control systems, head-up and head-worn displays, SATCOM systems, integrated electronic standby instruments, and other innovative concepts for the regional and business aircraft markets.


Thales Canada, Avionics is the Group’s Centre of Competence for flight control solutions for some of the world’s most successful regional and business jet aircrafts


Thales Canada, Avionics is the Group’s centre of competence for fly-by-wire flight control systems, and has devised flight controls solutions on some of the world’s most successful business aircraft. Thales Canada, Avionics leverages its integrated development teams, unrivalled expertise in end-to-end solutions for critical systems development, and proprietary development tools, to provide its clients maximum value with minimum risk.

Thales’ areas of expertise include:

  • Fly-by-wire flight control systems
  • Avionics design and integration
  • System Engineering
    • System architecture design
    • System, software and component specifications
    • Safety and reliability assessment
    • System integration
    • ARP 4754 and Thales development processes
  • System Integration, Verification and Validation (IVV)
    • Integration System Test Rig (ISTR)
    • HIRF/Lightning and environmental testing
  • Software Development
    • DO-178 Level A
    • RTOS and core software
  • Mechanical & Hydraulics
    • System specification of actuators, inceptors and sensors
  • Electronic Hardware Development and Production
    • DO-254 Level A