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Live Pilot Participant Feedback

One of the goals of the DDL pilot is to collect input and ideas from users to improve the solution and better meet their needs. The pilot is now live in Colorado, Maryland, Washington DC, and Wyoming, and we've gathered feedback from participants who have tested their digital driver's licenses in the field.​

It's a positive move for identification and advancing electronic IDs."

h​ighway Patrol event attendee, wyoming​​

I can totally see this taking off. It seems like it’s the next logical step to put your ID on your phone." Proof-of-age user, King Soopers Grocery Store, Colorado​

After seeing the demo, I think the learning curve for my staff to use it would be extremely small."Store Manager at Applejack Wine & Spirits, Colorado

I have people all the time trying to show me a picture of their license on their phone when they don’t have their physical one, which is actually illegal. This solution clearly hits on that need for mobility, but is an actual ID with underlying security and information to guarantee it is genuine. That’s really key."Special Investigations Officer, Colorado Gaming Commission

It’s easy to forget your license, especially if you don’t use it all the time. But you always have your phone."Proof-of-age user, Capitol Convenience, Colorado

I always use a digital boarding pass. It's way more convenient. This is a great addition. When will all airports be using this?"CHeyenne regional airport event attendee, wyoming

I travel a lot, so I would definitely feel more comfortable knowing I had a back-up on my phone in case I lost my normal driver’s license.”Customer, Amendment XXI Wines & Liquor, Colorado

DDL Pilot Participant Feedback  ​​