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​​Issuing polycarbonate cards presents new opportunities for advanced security features to ensure the integrity, reduce counterfeit and enhance the security of your DL/ID credentials.​

In 2015, Gemalto acquired Trüb, a leading secure printing and document company based in Switzerland, to create unmatched card security expertise for the public sector. Jurisdictions can now benefit from the combined strengths of both companies for an enhanced offering in secure identification solutions.

Window Lock

With Window Lock, Gemalto presents a new security concept for the protection of the holder portrait against any subsequent change by means of additional laser engraving.

The technology is based on a sophisticated laser personalization process on a metallic foil which is integrated into a transparent window. A ghost image is laser personalized into the metal foil so that a simultaneous manipulation of the card hold portrait and ghost image after issuance of the document will leave visible traces.

Window Lock implements a "negative" personalization process where the light-colored image is personalized by metal ablation. Hence, a fraudulent manipulation of the card holder portrait could easily be detected.

Window Lock presents a highly innovative security concept which is easy to understand and to verify, resulting in further increased security level of travel and identity documents. ​

True Vision

True Vision is a level two security and design element for polycarbonate documents.

This security feature implements images which are invisible under normal daylight, that turn into brilliant true-color images with excellent color reproduction in under 365 nm UV exposure. The high resolution images combine UV fluorescent inks with advanced color separation and half tone printing.

Customer specific true-color UV images can be integrated into the document design such as the night sky line of a city, here Kuala Lumpur on the Malaysian passport for example.​​

Edge Sealer

Unlike anything in the market, Edge Sealer is a laser engraving process applied during the personalization stage. Documents are laser-etched with markings along the edge of the document, thus adding an additional layer of security. The laser engravings ideally relate to the holder's personal information, using their name, serial number, or other unique information.

Edge Sealer offers convenience, security and ease of implementation. The technique is impossible to duplicate with a copy machine or scanner and is extremely difficult to reproduce due to the special expertise and unique technology required. Edge Sealer literally "seals" your secure document against any delamination or cutting attempts. ​​

Secure Surface

Secure Surface is three advanced security features that work in tandem to enhances the security of polycarbonate identity documents by combining different effects: light reflection, movement and tactile effects.

Designed to counter a new type of forgeries on existing security features like changeable or multiple laser image (CLI/MLI), Secure Surface offers visual and tactile effects that allows fast and efficiency document authenticity checks meaning security and convenience for legitimate holders.

This next generation CLI/MLI developed by our parent company Gemalto, provides easy-to-check visible security features trusted by border control authorities where several pieces of information (such as a portrait, logo, symbol or number) can be seen depending on the viewing angle. With the latest enhancements, it is now possible to have complex shapes and combinations of light reflective or animation elements inside the CLI/MLI, making it extremely difficult to duplicated.

Secure Surface also offers tactile features for a polycarbonate document, such as surface embossing or braille. Gemalto can provide both positive and negative emb​ossing on the same surface, making the full use of strong tactile effects. When combined with complex designs, they increase the security even further.​