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The Argos satellite-based location and data collection system enables scientists to gather information on any "object" equipped with an appropriate transmitter, anywhere in the world. 

Argos transmitters' messages are recorded by a constellation of satellites carrying Argos instruments, and then relayed to dedicated processing centres. This system, the only one of its kind in the world, has been operational since 1978, and was initiated jointly by France and the United States. The system is operated worldwide by CLS, a subsidiary of CNES, and Ifremer, the French institute of marine research and exploration.

While Argos transmitters have become known to the public through their use in tracking yacht races, their primary mission remains the collection of data for the scientific community. By measuring temperature, pressure, humidity and sea levels, Argos takes the pulse of the planet and its atmosphere. The system is also used with great success to track animals.


· Global coverage, operational system for beacons location and data collect

· Large range of applications
- in-situ geophysical data collect
- Volcanoes monitoring
- Animal migration survey
- Hazardous transport tracking
- Sailboat and expedition tracking
- Fishing management
- Downlink for remote systems control

· Full range off add-on services provided by the system operator CLS

· Large range of beacons available, including ultra light weight and low power consumption versions
- Accuracy up to a few meter
- Delivery time down to a few hours
- 400 000 messages 100 000 locations processed every day

Argos: a large success story for Thales

- 21 instruments provided by Thales since 1973 in three successive generations
- Integrated on-board US (NOAA), European (METOP) and Japanese (ADEOS) satellites
- Easy to integrate and operate instruments
- Third generation providing true messaging capabilities through a down link channel
- System operating at 401,65 MHz

For further information, please connect to: (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales) (Collecte Localisation Satellite, worldwide leader of satellite-based environmental data collection, location and ocean observations by satellite)