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For us, artificial intelligence is more than circuits and software– it’s more than numbers and data. AI is about helping people lead better, happier lives.

With limitless applications, AI presents an opportunity to completely transform the everyday, creating new possibilities in the process. Businesses and governments around the world rely on Thales to find those possibilities.

Whatever it takes.


Learn more about how we’re driving the digital revolution at Thales, making tomorrow possible today.

Transformative Technology Stories

AI and other disruptive digital technologies are  transforming the world around us. Read how.

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Thales is creating AI that is there for decisive moments, in critical environments where it’s needed most. Listen to our podcast mini-series to learn more.

» AI in Decisive Moments

Whitepapers & Reports

Our reports explore the implications of AI across various industries. Read to find out more.

» Artificial Intelligence and National Security: The Importance of the AI Ecosystem