An Integrated Intelligence and Operation System for the Gendarmerie Nationale: BDSP

2 things are needed for the Gendarmerie Nationale to cover the whole French territory with optimal efficiency: a platform managing emergency calls and operations; and the ability to gather relevant intelligence to decide quickly on the opportunity of an intervention. With the Public Safety Database (BDSP), Thales fully answers this dual need.

Smart database

Evert day, the Gendarmerie Nationale gets more than 20,000 incoming calls from all over France, and gets involved in nearly 5000 cases on the field. To manage both these major tasks, she used to resort to several old and heterogeneous systems scattered across the country.
With the BDSP, Thales brings answers on 2 key aspects:
- Unification and modernization of the emergency call management platform; backed by a precise and multipurpose Geographic Information System (GIS).
- Creation of both a single command system optimizing intervention management and a smart database centralizing information and ensuring real-time analysis.
The solution implemented by Thales addresses both challenges while optimizing resources and the use of intelligence.

A single tool for intelligence and operation assistance

BDSP’s efficiency is based on:
- A simple and effective emergency call management and analysis platform;
- A centralized database fed both through the reports of the gendarmes themselves and the call center;
- Two platforms dedicated to data processing, with a semantic search engine and smart high-performance analysis tools that can be mobilized instantly, increasing the institution’s reactivity;
- Shared access between the 60,000 gendarmes spread over 4,300 sites all over the country, in mainland France and overseas departments;
- 100 million aggregated documents, 8 million calls per year, 1.5 million missions.