Border surveillance in action

Answering a request by the authorities of a strategic North African state, Thales has implemented its expertise in the field of territory monitoring to secure a 1 000-kilometer border. Combining a network of sensors with intelligent data processing centers, the solution enhances border surveillance’s reliability while reducing the amount of resources involved.

The problem

 Previously, in this country, border territory control was ensured by guards posted all along the border. This organization neither allowed for large numbers of intrusions to be located, nor for interventions to be dispatched in due time, nor for information to be sent to decision centers quickly enough. It did not ensure real 24/24 surveillance either.

The solution

 Thales suggested and implemented a customized, tailor-made border control system, combining:
  • Watchtowers equipped with radars and/or cameras on the border itself, as well as sensors placed in the least accessible spots;
  • Data processing centers located inside the country, with operators receiving and processing data;
  • Intervention squads, with deployable equipment, ready to take to the field when necessary and to be guided on a target.


 The solution designed and implemented by Thales makes for an optimized border control, effectively sorting false alarms from actual dangerous intrusions. Intervention squads are sent less frequently and with more results: operators in the control centers are able to remotely guide them to the target, using images sent from the sensors in the field.