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Thales in Belgium

Thales in Belgium at a glance

Thales's presence in Belgium is rooted in a long history of industrial footprint that dates back to the 1970s. Over the years, Thales in Belgium has developed its industrial and technological capacity across the country and has a wide portfolio, with solutions covering all major areas of the Group, including defence and security, aerospace, space, and digital identity and security.
Thales also maintains a permanent presence in Brussels to serve the European institutions and NATO.

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Local Cooperation

Thales in Belgium aims to grow and innovate to be constantly at the cutting-edge of technologies. This why Thales has built strong relationships with the leading Belgian Universities such as ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles), KUL (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), UMons or RMA (Royal Military Academy), as well as research centers like Multitel and IMEC (Institut de micro-électronique et composants) to recruit the best talent and support its R&D.   
Thales has also developed close ties with the Belgian Industry over many years and is present in the main Belgian industrial groups and associations such as Agoria, the Belgian Security and Defence Industry (BSDI), Skywin or Mecatech, to participate in the development and growth of the Belgian industrial capacity. 

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Alongside Belgian Defense, NATO and worldwide armies for over 50 years

Thales is uniquely positioned in Belgium to provide a wide range of solutions and mission systems such as tactical communication, a variety of onboard sensors for uncrewed and crewed, air/land/naval platforms, handling all the services from development, prototyping, production, to platform integration and maintenance. Thales in Belgium is also the European leader for 70 mm Rocket Systems (standard/guided) and has developed strong expertise in C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance). 

Key references in Defence include: 
•    Over 8 million 70 mm/2.75” rocket systems in service in more than 55 countries and 70 armies worldwide. 
•    Secure intercoms on NATO’s AWACS aircraft upgrade programme for more than 25 years.  
•    Navigation and Communication systems, with the integration of the Weapon system for the Belgian Navy, Air and Land forces.  

Ensuring Security in Belgium and beyond

Strategically located at the heart of Europe and home to numerous international institutions, Belgium is fully cognizant of the need for strict security measures to protect its own interests and those of its partners. 

Thales in Belgium has a strong expertise in cybersecurity and a unique position in CyberIT, CyberOT and sovereign crypto solutions to better serve Belgium and beyond. Thanks to the acquisition of Gemalto (2019), a leader in identity and biometric solutions, and cybersecurity specialists OneWelcome and  Excellium, Thales has strengthened its local presence to generate new growth opportunities. 
Thales Belgium’s CyberLab is also a key asset to evaluate the products and solutions in terms of cybersecurity. Our experts help companies develop products “secure by design” and can support the spreading of a security culture in R&D teams. 

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Aerospace in Belgium

Thales pioneers advanced, integrated technology that helps both military and civil aircraft to be safer and more efficient. We integrate systems aboard planes in order to allow data communications between the land and the air.  With the acquisition in 2016 of the Belgian start-up AvioVision Thales is also leading innovation in the digitalisation of aircraft operations based on Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solutions.

Thales Alenia Space in Belgium

In Belgium, Thales Alenia Space, a European joint venture between Leonardo and Thales, is the front-runner in space electronics applications for satellites such as the Ariane 5 & 6 and European launchers. 
Thales Alenia Space in Belgium is the world leader in power conditioning and distribution for satellites, as well as the first automated manufacturer in Europe of photovoltaic assemblies (PVA), the electricity generating cells on satellite solar panels.

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Digital Identity & Security in Belgium

In 2019, Thales acquired the international security company, Gemalto to create a new leader in digital security. Thales delivers identity and biometric solutions to governments, public authorities and private entities in the fields of civil identity and public security. In 2020 The Belgium Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs (BUZA) renewed its contract with the consortium including Zetes and Thales for the issuance of highly secure ePassports to Belgian citizens. The seven-year contract is expected to cover delivery of an average of 550,000 passports a year. Both companies have built a trusted cooperation over the past few years, with Zetes offering personalization services and Thales providing its range of ePassport booklets.

Key references : 
-    Belgian e-passport that features local comic book heroes with an innovative polycarbonate page and 48 new security features such as barcodes, laser-engraved photographs and a polycarbonate ID page.
-    Authentication and protection solution for the mobile ID app itsme®, giving access to numerous public services.

Permanent presence in Brussels

Thales also maintains a permanent presence in Brussels to serve European institutions and NATO. The Group is taking part in a number of major European programmes, including EGNOS, Galileo, Copernicus, Clean Sky, SESAR and Shift2rail, and is contributing to European research through the Framework Programme and European Defence Agency projects. The Group also supports NATO on several critical C4ISTAR projects, including ACCS (Air Command and Control System) and ALTBMD (Active Layer Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence). Thales also provides encryption systems and secure satellite communications for the Alliance.

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Thales regularly participates in many events to showcase our expertise and solutions. Browse our events calendar and check possible events planned in Belgium. 

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