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The proliferation of information and communication technologies comes along with both chances and challenges for organizations and businesses. To address the threats and vulnerabilities of cyber world, Thales offers comprehensive cybersecurity awareness trainings to empower organizations and their staff to be vigilant against latest cyber threats and share responsibilities to implement best security protection practices. An educated workforce is essential to the security of businesses as they can cut the risk of socially engineered cyber intrusions.

Security training has become an indispensable component of cybersecurity strategy and implementation of an organization. A good cybersecurity strategy and implementation can minimize the potential harms brought by internal source. With Thales’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Workshop, employees are trained to be aware of their shared responsibility to keep the organization secure and equipped with foundational skills and knowledge to achieve this aim. In this way, clients can be ensured that potential dangers from insider threats and unaware employees are effectively mitigated.

Thales’s training program is comprehensive and client-oriented. We aim to educate, elevate and develop with the workshop participants a mutual understanding of the threats to their organizations. They will gain a foundational perspective on the topics of cyber safety, social engineering exploits, pitfalls of social media, malware and exploitation, communications security and physical security, thus becoming a trusted workforce against socially engineered cyber intrusions.