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The data protection and threat profiling service conducted by Thales evaluates the protection of critical and sensitive data across the entire data life cycle. Data flow will be analyzed and IT architecture will be reviewed so as to give customers a better picture about potential threats and the effectiveness of data protection practices. After the profiling of the potential threats, existing security controls will be evaluated and addressed with corresponding recommendations.

While organizations acknowledge the dire need to address cyber threat and enhance their data protection level, they may have no idea where to start. Thales can step in and provide a better picture of this issue. We can identify crucial data and assets in the business environment and analyze the protection they receive during their life cycle. Potential threats in the environment are also identified and profiled, which serves to review the existing controls and measures. Clients can then improve the current environment based on the findings and pragmatic recommendations we deliver.

Data flow of any critical and sensitive data will be analyzed; trust boundaries will be highlighted to illustrate the protection data received when they are in use, in motion or at rest. Thales will also review and evaluate existing the organization’s existing IT architecture, network diagrams and security design, and utilize threat model STRIDE to profile the potential threats in the environment. With the aid of findings and their corresponding recommendations delivered by Thales, clients can enforce better security controls and enjoy more effective cyber defence.