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DDoS attacks have become a major threat to business operations. Thales’s security stress test service can check the resiliency of the Internet facing systems and network infrastructure against DDoS and related cyber-attacks. With our cloud-based services, our defense expertise enables clients to identify their system weaknesses through a series of carefully designed and realistic attacks, thereby measuring the effectiveness of detection and mitigation systems and improving clients’ DDoS preparedness.

With proper DDoS preparations that adhere to industry’s best practices and regulations, Thales ensures the business continuity of clients. Clients will also benefit from our practical recommendations by applying optimal mitigating controls with high cost-effectiveness. To be well-prepared in case of attack incidents, Thales helps clients in devising response procedure and rehearsing pre-determined recovery actions. Experience and knowledge as such will be transferred to clients, which will continue to benefit them in the foreseeable future.

DDoS stress tests should be performed at regular intervals (e.g. once a year) and as part of the compliance requirement. Thales can launch controlled and measured attacks at Layer 3/4 (volumetric bandwidth), and Layer 7 (application level, typically low bandwidth) from different locales, with up to 10-20 agents deployed per zone to ensure that traffic is distributed topologically and geographically. Threats are then mitigated effectively and efficiently, with choke points and weaknesses identified and analyzed by our experts. The optimizations and improvements of “People, Process & Technology” is thus achieved.