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Thales’s NFC Mobile Payment Security Review is unique by leveraging our global domain expertise of NFC and mobile security across Asia and Europe. Our customers, ranging from Trusted Service Manager (TSM), Mobile Network Operator (MNO), Payment Service Provider (PSP) to merchants and banks, benefit from our security review services by understanding the threats and regulatory compliance status so that their NFC systems can achieve the required level of security assurance.

Thales’s NFC security assessment services are offered by experienced security professionals with extensive know-how in smart cards payment infrastructure and applications, who will review the NFC security risks of clients, such as weakness in cardlet and mobile applet life cycle management, from a world-class security test laboratory. Thales also help clients to achieve security assurance and compliance to regulations by successfully protecting sensitive customer data and attaining certification that meets EMVCo and Common Criteria standards.

Serving a broad range of customers, Thales strives to understand their respective security requirements, from the management of Secure Element, card issuance and provisioning, to mobile payment services management and cardholder authentication. We adopt an industry-based security risk assessment framework EBIOS which includes threat scenario modeling and risk analysis for the NFC system review. Besides, Thales can also provide technical assessment service leveraging Toulouse capabilities, a unique expertise as a result of the combined strength of our experts across Asia and Europe.