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The security of any business’s IT environment is crucial to its continuity and reputation. Thales’s SRAA services aims to assess the technical controls, operational processes and management governance of the clients, and provides pragmatic recommendations to address subject matters in the security domains tactically and strategically. Thales can also conduct security audit which focuses on reviewing the implemented controls and their effectiveness within an organization.

With Thales’s SRAA services which adhere to the ISO31000 standard and leading processes and is Quality ISO9001 compliant, clients can feel confident about their business audit and assessment.  Not only is the current risk management practice critically and effectively assessed, a robust risk management framework is also developed and built into the business architecture, which ensures a higher level of risk awareness in the future decision-making process.

SRAA is a delivery mechanism that covers a wide range of issues, spanning from risk assessment and mitigation, disaster recovery and cryptography, regulatory compliance, to physical security, infrastructure security, identity and access management. Our assessment and audit experts can review clients’ risk management practices and help them achieve necessary security accreditation.