Thales Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) and Message Switching systems (AMSS) help Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) to implement efficient solutions by offering proven and scalable products.

Thales’s solutions for AIM and AMSS are based on strong product lines, providing controlled innovations to better satisfy customer expectations in the long term. Thales develops strong technical roadmaps to deliver product solutions in line with today’s and tomorrow’s operational requirements. Thales is the only AIM and AMSS provider offering solutions designed for a smooth integration within a global ATM framework.

With over 15 years of expertise in Aeronautical Information Management and Message Switching, Thales has delivered state-of-the-art systems to over 30 ANSPs worldwide.

AERMAC switches and archives aeronautical messages (AFTN, CIDIN and AMHS) in compliance with ICAO SARPS.  Designed and developed by Thales, AERMAC continually evolves and now equips 30 communication centres throughout the world. Today, AERMAC is the most comprehensive and well-proven solution on the AMSS (Aeronautical Switching Message System) market . The AERMAC system, relying on a unified, intuitive, and operator oriented user interface, is perfectly adapted to  ANSPs needs to perform a smooth and risk free migration from AFTN to AMHS.


Key features:

  • Significant experience in AMHS migration strategy and follow-up
  • Eurocontrol ECG Certification
  • Intuitive operator oriented HMI
  • Embedded ATN X.500 Directory, automatically filled with AMC data
  • X.400 API for accommodating external systems in AMHS mode
  • Advanced message routing function
  • Full set of telecom lines and gateways supported
  • Compliant with ICAO and Eurocontrol Standards
  • Key participation in ICAO Planning Groups

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