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Every day in our digital world, people make choices that can expose them to risk without even realizing it. Thales helps people and businesses navigate those everyday moments, freeing us from fear or worry. 

Whether shopping for baby clothes, tracking your workout, gaming with friends, or accessing digital health records, your digital experience is secure thanks to Thales who gives you the freedom to live your life.

Whatever it takes.


Learn more about how we’re driving the digital revolution at Thales, making tomorrow possible today.

Transformative Technology Stories

Cybersecurity and other disruptive digital technologies are  transforming the world around us. Read how.

» Hello, Friend: Cyber-Security and the World of Mr. Robot
» The Droids You’re Looking For Were Hacked!
» ‘Ghost in the Shell’: Cybersecurity Joins the A-List
» Of Mega-Cities and Metro Cards: Urban Security is Digital Security

Whitepapers & Reports

Our reports explore the implications of cybersecurity across various industries. Read to find out more.

» Aviation Cybersecurity— Finding Lift, Minimizing Drag