The Thales Datacryptor® range of hardware encryptors provides strong and certified perimeter security for a wide range of network architectures including, leased lines, Frame Relay, X.25, and SONET/SDH networks.

With triple DES (168-bit) or AES (128, 192, 256-bit) algorithms built in, or using other customized, or national algorithms, it is the first family of encryption products to offer algorithm flexibility and protocol agility. This means that not only can the unit be programmed with different cryptographic algorithms as specified by the customer, but depending on the infrastructure and certain physical limitations, the same unit can be loaded to support various communications protocols. These unique features enable territory-specific algorithms to be implemented, which protects the customer's investment by allowing migration to changing protocols and new algorithms.

Approved to international standards including FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria, the Datacryptor range provides robust tamper resistance, operates at native network speeds without undue latency, and integrates easily with legacy and new networks. An integrated Element Management feature and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) compatibility also provide secure enterprise management options.

Forward-looking and committed to product innovation, responsiveness, technical expertise, and value, the Datacryptor family secures not only your business' sensitive data, but also the investment your company makes in security products for years to come.

The Datacryptor® SONET encryptor has been designed as a protocol transparent encryption device for SONET links. The system encrypts OC3, OC12, OC 48 and OC192 networks in real-time, securing the most demanding service requirements. Areas of application for the Datacryptor SONET include network scenarios where standard SONET deployments require robust cryptographic security. With FIPS approved 3DES and AES algorithms and a highly reliable hardware platform, the Datacryptor SONET protects the confidentiality and integrity of these critical networks with the strongest commercially available cryptography.

Why Layer 1 and 2 Encryption
As users increasingly demand security without impacting performance, the Datacryptor Layer 2 models meet the cryptographic needs of government and commercial enterprise customers converging voice, video, and data applications over more cost-effective high-speed/high-bandwidth Wide Area Networks (WANs). As secured wired and wireless point-to-point connections over WANs continue to proliferate, the new Layer 2 products better serves these markets with a superior security solution that can overcome the operational complexities associated with traditional IPSec applications. Layer 2 encryption introduces virtually no latency to the network. Because Layer 2 operates one layer below the network, the de vice s are protocol independent and not affected by changing network configurations. Consequently, Layer 2 security solutions are simpler and less expensive to manage as changes within the WAN do not affect the encryptor's operation. Federal agencies and large enterprises that have multiple sites and are connected via Frame Relay, Gigabit, or SONET can utilize Layer 2 solutions to encrypt the entire WAN connection.