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As a trusted partner of the Romanian armed forces, Thales has supplied various military systems, from tactical radios to encrypted military tele-communications solutions or underwater technologies embedded into naval, land and air platforms. Building on its strong ties with Romania in civil markets, Thales is seeking to expand its defence and security activities to support the modernisation of the armed forces and security services.

Local Cooperation

Thales’ cooperation with the Romanian defence industry was initiated by the manufacturing and development of Panther and Jaguar family of tactical radios. The collaboration dates back to 1996, when through a significant transfer of technology process, over 3000 tactical radios were built for the Romanian Armed Forces. Since then, these radios were successfully operated by the Romanian military in NATO, EU and international missions such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2013, the Romanian Navy selected Thales to supply an airborne anti-submarine warfare system which was fitted onboard the Puma Helicopters operated onboard the Type 22 Frigates, providing a significant capability multiplier for the NATO presence in the Black Sea.

Continuing the successful partnership with the Romanian military and industry for more than 20 years, a long standing cooperation with Aerostar SA has evolved into a Key Industrial Partnership, where Thales has supplied IFF technologies to the majority of air, ground and naval military platforms in Romania.

Thales is also a leading supplier of Hardware Security Modules to protect data transfers in the Romanian Government and Critical Infrastructure.

Thales is committed to become the national technological leader by helping the Romanian Government to master every decisive moment, based on the current ongoing large procurement program, participating in the four new Gowing Corvettes program and fostering closer ties and business partnerships for the ongoing Class II NATO UAS competition.

We continue to cooperate with the Romanian military and academic establishment to participate as a local entity, in the European Defence Fund initiatives, where Thales Systems Romania is ideally positioned and could access its local human and technological resources as well as the wider, group’s global footprint.

The future Army’s strategic procurement programs will provide Thales an excellent opportunity to consolidate its existent local capabilities and partnerships, whilst developing new ones in the field of space technologies, radar and critical infrastructure protection as well as cyber security and AI for national security activities.