Formal and Secure messaging systems

Our products

Muse - Formal and Individual Secure Messaging

     • Workflow messages validation, automatic distribution and backup of the formal messages
     • Security functions: authentication, confidentiality, data integrity, non-repudiation, reception proof
     • Standards compliancy: STANAG 4406 ed2, S/MIME, X.509 V3, LDAP…
     • Secure interoperability with other systems (ACP127, ACP 145, PCT)
     • Hardware-based security solution with RECR

XOmail - Secure Message Handling System

     • Formal Secure Military message handling
     • Plug-in component for messaging and C2 information handling
     • Integration of 3rd party Directory Service and PKI
     • Automatic gateways
     • Army and Navy messaging solutions
     • NATO standards compliant (STANAG 4406, ACP 127 and ACP 133)

XOmail/Guard - Security Guard for Message Systems

     • Allows controlled, automatic flow of E-mail to/from a sensitive Intranet
     • Supplement to a firewall
     • Generates audit and logs
     • Certified at TCSEC B1+ level
     • Configuration alternatives