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Thales is a world leader in Digital Identity & Security, where trust has been brought to the global economy and digital exchanges are being secured for billions of people and things. April 2nd 2019, Gemalto was acquired by Thales, providing Digital Identity & Security Services in the majority of the countries in the world.

Local Cooperation

Identity & Biometric Solutions

In the civil identity sector, Thales offers end-to-end Identity and Biometric Solutions. Thales provides secure documents, robust identity solutions and services that address government programs for ID management and road safety, eGovernment/mGovernment infrastructures for trusted eServices, and border and visa management requirements. Thales also addresses public safety and law enforcement challenges, offering best-in-class forensic solutions. The company’s products and solutions are deployed in over 200 active programs worldwide, with specific expertise in secure document issuance, biometrics, document readers, authentication, ID management and data protection. Thales collaborates with its clients to report and share best practices. Local Regional Delivery Center located in Bucharest is capable to deploy, service and maintain Secure Documents Issuing systems as well as Automated Fingerprint Information Systems. To date, the local team has been involved in deploying 20+ projects worldwide.

Some of our IBS references in Romania are:

• Romanian electronic passports including enrollment and personalization equipment and application

• Passport readers for government and commercial applications

• G2 Tachograph digital cards for local drivers in accordance with EU regulation 165/2014

Banking & Payment Services

Thales offers services for financial institutions in the Banking & Payment Services (BPS) unit. The world of financial services is changing fast and consumers look for evermore personalized, convenient and secure ways to pay, communicate and interact with their banks and accounts. Today, we provide the Romanian banking sector with a wide range of secure digital banking, cards and digital payment solutions meeting and exceeding these demands. Thales customers includes banks like ING Romania, OTP Romania, CEC, Credit Europe Bank, Intesa SanPaolo Romania and Libra Bank.

Mobile Connectivity Solutions

All around the world, we work with hundreds of mobile network operators, OEMs and other service providers to deliver seamless connectivity across cellular networks, and strong digital identities for both people and connected objects. Since the start of GSM, we have brought trust to the mobile ecosystem by authenticating users and devices to mobile networks. Now that most people have at least one mobile device, we increasingly help operators support their customer relationships right from service sign-up. We are working primarily with mobile network operators since the inception of mobile telecom services in Romania supplying SIM cards, MIM cards and services for eSIM.

Cloud Protection & Licensing

Thales is also well known for providing advanced data protection consisting of two areas: identity and access management solutions and encryption with advanced key management solutions. Awareness of our solutions is not only reserved for finance & public/government market. We are present on the e-commerce market as well as critical infrastructure providers and ICT service providers. Our products support core government solutions like qualified certification authorities, ID solutions, certificate authorities and core domestic payment and domestic transfer money solutions.