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These tools are used for geometric and radiometric processing of images collected by all sensors, and of raster maps, Digest (STANAG 7074). They enable digital terrain data generation, DTED2, as well as vector data edition , VMAP. They also enable 3D object extraction, display projection, positioning, texture mapping, management and export under formats (VRML, …). They manage project data (data organisation, production planning, archiving, catalogue on and off-line, quality control).

Main characteristics

  • Open software and hardware architecture for easy upgrade and enhancement.
  • Multi-sensor
  • High resolution military observation satellites
  • Commercial sources (Quickbird, Ikonos, …)
  • Guaranteed
  • Lifetime support and technology update
  • Components are common to the Thales family of IMINT products
  • Interoperable with Digest and Imagery STANAGS.


  • DMPS – Digital mapping production system
  • Geointelligence data production chain