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The new EIS2 will replace the current EFIS/ECAM CRT displays and DMC computers on Airbus standard bodies (A318/A319/A320/A321 families) and long range aircraft (A330/A340 family) both for forward fit and retrofit.

It represents an operational and economical breakthrough, which already sets the standard for the next Airbus aircraft generations:

  • same part number for A318 to A340,
  • basic standard operational display,
  • ready for all the CNS/ATM operational futures. 


The system is composed of 6 large active matrix Liquid Crystal Display Units (LCDU 725) and 3 DMC (Display Management Computers) boxes, located in the avionic bay.

The Display Units Externaldimensions are kept compliant with 7.25” x 7.25” casing, offering a 17% increased useful area (6.25” x 6.25”). The DMC task is to concentrate the data from the other aircraft systems and format the information in Arinc 629 protocol to the display units.


Thales is commited to offer the best quality and performance at a competitive price and make effort at each step of the product life (from design to in service operations) to deliver superior added value is illustrated by the design modularity allowing the airlines to pay for no more than what they need with options for customized airlines operations: optional video board in the LCDU 725 (VGA interface) for real time applications.

Compared to the CRT EIS Support cost is pushed down by the reliability increase which is more and the direct maintenance cost drop.

Operation cost is drastically decreased, hence resulting in a huge spares stock contraction by commonality benefits (same P/N for SA/LR), improved reliability and over 30% weight and power consumption savings.


All the Airbus aircraft family can share the same equipment — i.e. same hardware part number.
When a component (LCDU 725 or DMC) is installed on board with a different configuration the right software version is automatically uploaded within a few minutes.
The new Airbus EIS2 is right away able to support future CNS/ATM environment changes and airlines emerging needs such as Video Surveillance. Its powerful graphic generation enables to mix video inputs, charts and symbology.
Thus new advanced graphic generation exceeds by 100% the current capacity.