Gecko-M is the Thales Spain Long Distance Optronic Solution for military vehicles. This solution can be
used for many applications like Route Clearance, border surveillance, etc.

The Optronic Head is ready to be integrated in an extensible mast. Two cameras are included (daylight and IR) as well as two laser pointers (NIR and visible) and Laser Range Finder.

The NIR Laser will not be seen by the human eye by will be by the Daylight camera.
The video signals from the cameras are coded (mpeg4) inside the pan & tilt rack. The video images are also electronically stabilized. The coded video signals are available through an Ethernet RJ45 port.

Also, the Pan and Tilt includes a serial port concentrator into another Ethernet RJ45 port. All control commands to the cameras and Pan and Tilt will use this port. Gyro stabilization allows the system to be used with the vehicle in movement.

The Control and Observation Unit is located inside the vehicle and is composed by a ruggedized computer and monitor with a Joystick to control the Optronic Unit.

The Control software can handle the different elements in the Optronic Head (selection and control of the cameras, activation of laser pointer and laser range finder, etc.) and provides information about the targets (distance and coordinates).


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