Our Secure Remote Access Service (RAS) Gateway Service enables application developers and IT administrators to securely connect to their cloud-based platforms and applications using unsecure bearers, e.g. the internet.

This high availability managed service includes protective monitoring to underwrite the security certification and can provide assistance in the setup of Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

User Benefits

  • Users can be any authenticated third party, no trusted end user device cost
  • Only authenticated users have access thus protecting customer data and network infrastructure
  • Users can use their own or a third party internet connection to connect to the service, allowing access from many locations
  • The solution is low cost in comparison to providing a dedicated secure Public Services Network (PSN) connections to all sites
  • Highly secure design using an RDS model/UK Government’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance (CESG) Walled Garden approach; demonstrable and proven security
  • The solution easily integrates into existing customer environments, e.g. cloud, network infrastructure, without the costs of major change or setup


  • Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection between customer devices and the destination network or applications
  • Operates with managed or unmanaged user devices
  • Integrates into cloud environments
  • Client or clientless operation with browser integration
  • Protective monitoring and reporting mechanisms
  • Disaster recovery systems providing high availability
  • Integration of RDS into customer authentication systems