Delivered as a pay monthly service, it is fully compliant with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and includes all components required to protect and manage your information. Using the latest technology which has been specially selected by us, the service manages the boundary between the customer’s own security domain and a third party security domain.

By controlling the information flow, be it web data or file transfers, that pass through these boundaries, our Secure Inter Domain Gateway Services help to reduce risk and simplify the information management process, delivering improved performance and cost savings over alternative methods.

User Benefits

  • Billed on a simple fixed monthly basis
  • Public Services Network (PSN) certification (pending) meets PSN Code of Connection
  • Cloud certified and available to integrate with OFFICIAL information systems
  • User authentication protecting customer data, ‘Data Loss Prevention’
  • Policing the boundary, ensures your sensitive data is under control
  • Policy infringements audit data to continuously improve security policy
  • Mitigate Information Risks checking Inter Domain text and files
  • Configurable to maintain the latest and highest level of malware protection
  • No separate charges for design and Integration into the network
  • No separate charges for transition planning


  • 99.9% availability from certified high availability design
  • Integrates into Integrates into infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and cloud environments
  • GPG13 Protective Monitoring and reporting mechanisms
  • Disaster recovery options with active passive dual site operation
  • Billed on a simple fixed monthly basis with service credits
  • Compliant with ‘Implementing the Cloud Security Principles’ (14 August 2014)


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