With extensive experience in ID management systems and processes we offer a range of access control solutions designed for facilities and infrastructure where security is paramount. Our access control solutions are modular and can utilise a single technology or a complete solution made up of a range of systems, all of which will be fully integrated and controlled through a central security Human User Interface (HUI).

Our solutions will significantly enhance your security in all areas from entrance to the site car park through to internal access throughout the building, helping to ensure that access is only provided to personnel for permitted areas. These systems can range from automatic number plate recognition systems that will automatically open barrier as vehicle approach to staff access control cards, with pre-programmed zones.

These systems can be fully integrated together and provided with a single control system delivered through a single HUI. The smart HUI draws data from all access control systems and monitors each process providing a real time overview of the current situation with details of any breaches.

In certain instances the system will automatically alert security personnel to any breaches, significantly reducing response times.