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Our complete Command, Control and Communications (C3) solutions have been developed to deliver integrated and mission critical capabilities for use in a diverse range of applications. The integrated and capability driven C3 solutions allow for state of the art technologies, products and architectures to be tailored to achieve commercial, government and military customer needs.

Our solution architects and specialist engineers have expertise in systems and enterprise engineering, IT, software development, communications and networking, electronics, cognitive science and a range of support disciplines. This scope of expertise and experience allows our holistic solutions to provide you with complete flexibility in your requirements, ensuring you get the right solution at the right time.

We understand the importance of communications as an enabler of the control of coordinated assets, which in turn are integral to delivering truly enhanced application efficiencies and capabilities.

With decades of experience in delivering Command and Control solutions and systems to military and government customers and in parallel with delivering large communication networks and infrastructures to distributed civil sector clients, we are at the forefront of C3 technology providers. Our global footprint and domain expertise enables us to offer our C3 understanding and capabilities into the civil, military and government domains throughout the world making us an ideal candidate for all your C3 requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Experience of civil, government and defence domains provides complete understand of domain requirements
  • Vendor independence permits best of breed selection of core components
  • Flexible approach to solution delivery
  • Integration expertise enables us to work with legacy systems and deliver full or partial upgrade solutions
  • Extensive experience of delivering C3 systems in some of the most hostile environments throughout the world
  • Complete integration and management of sub-systems can be delivered through a unified, common working platform
  • C2/C3 systems offer operational control centres at multiple levels from local to global
  • Dedicated team of systems engineers with market leading experience and expertise
  • Global technology pull through to deliver best in class solutions
  • High added value delivery from requirement identification stage to complete throughout life capability management