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Green Light Optical Warner

GLOW is a gun-mounted laser warner which uses an intense green light to warn personnel approaching peacekeeping forces that they are under suspicion and should not approach further. GLOW can be gun mounted using a Picatinney Rail, operated remotely or used hand-held with a pistol grip or stock. GLOW is an additional step in Force Escalation for the military, aiding the determination of intent and degrading the ability of the aggressor to take offensive action. 

GLOW can also be used by Police and Private Security Companies to guard fixed assets and perimeters and to warn aggressors during civil unrest.
GLOW features a choice of narrow or wide beams: The Wide beam is for use at close quarters in the urban scenario and the Narrow beam is used longer range. In both modes the beam can be pulsed to give a higher level of warning. GLOW features a wide environmental range of operation and a consistently high quality of beam to ensure target coverage.
Features & Benefits
GLOW has a unique and robust level of safety. It features dual independent safety measures which continually monitor the level of output to ensure that it falls within the specified values. This has helped GLOW gain full legal, medical and ethical clearance with UK forces before going into service.
The effect of the system is non-damaging* allowing use during peacetime and pre and post conflict situations. The authority to deploy can be given to troops on the ground, enabling an instantaneous response when the situation demands. 
GLOW is in service with several countries including the UK. The principle of warning has been tested and proven over a period of several years where GLOW has been shown to save lives in the ambiguous asymmetric situations often encountered in modern conflict. Use of GLOW is seen as a positive demonstration of commitment to the safety of the community in which it is being used.
GLOW is in serial production by Thales and is available for immediate delivery.
  • Effective laser warning 
  •  Non-lethal, non damaging effect*
     aligns with complex rules of engagement 
  • Provides both continuous and pulsed modes of operation 
  • Features real-time selectable Narrow angle or Wide angle beam, to allow an instantaneous response to meet a variety of operational scenarios 
  • Can be operated without affecting the operators ability to escalate to lethal force if required 
  • Can be fitted and bore-sighted to many currently available individual weapons via a universal rapid attachment system 
  • Continuous integrated Built–In–Test provides constant system status awareness to the operator 
  • Zero field maintenance system 
  • Supplied with operator instructions

* when used in accordance with Manufacturing Operating Instructions