Having anchored its expertise in systems design, Thales is perfectly capable of managing peak and sustained performance and maintaining performance levels during successive application system upgrades. This allows Thales to deliver the level of performance commitments customers expect.

In all projects undertaken, Thales has consistently demonstrated its ability to:

     - Meet cost, lead-time and quality commitments,
     - Bring together, lead and manage project participants with diverse skill-sets,
     - Coordinate its actions with the project owner to ensure the project's success.

Thales offers comprehensive services covering the entire project lifecycle: consulting and design, implementation, integration, pilot site, series production, deployment, training, change management and support.

Right from the needs assessment and design stage, Thales knows how to mobilise the right resources and methods in order to:

     - Identify the best components for building the solution,
     - Foster close, creative collaboration cooperation with partners to deliver the best solution to the customer,
    - Identify and then provide the necessary resources,
    - Formalise the project process and put together customised project management structures,
    - Identify risks at project onset and develop an action plan to address them.

Thales leverages its IT system security expertise to offer integrated and/or customised solutions which:

  • Ensure the deployment of totally secure networks and infrastructures:
    • access protection (Intranet / Internet / Extranet)
    • system protection (integrity, configuration)
    • secure migration of data transfer networks
    • convergence of new network services (voice, data and video)
  • Ensure secure connectivity for mobile users:
    •   end-to-end authentication of mobile and remote users
    •   protected access to system resources and applications
    •   matching access entitlements with the required security level
  • Ensure secure management of identities, data and critical applications:
    • data confidentiality and backup
    • single sign-on,profile management and user access rights 
    • single multi-function badge
  • Ensure digital trust of operational data exchanges:
    •  secure switchover to fully electronic exchange
    •  data signature and date and time stamping
    •  deployment of trust infrastructures
  • Build secure architectures
  • Deploy the appropriate technical and human resources
  • Offer rigorous contract supervision and project management

Thales takes full advantage of its expertise to optimise security architectures, integrate custom, high-performance solutions and provide total or partial supervision and maintenance throughout the system's life cycle.