Key features

• Key production, distribution, management, and accounting
• Generates and distributes electronic key for encryption systems whose keys are loaded using key-loader (DTC, DTD)


Our products

DTD: Data Transfer Devices

     • Storage, secure transport with interfaces DS101, DS102 and RS232
     • Transfer of keys, parameters and data
     • Key and key file management

DTC: Data Tactical Carrier

     • Tactical Red or Black keys loading and transport
     • Interoperable with NATO and Allies EKMS
     • Approved up to French SD
     • EKMS 308 compliant (DS 101, DS 102, NSA 8727, NSA 9002)
     • TEMPEST AMSG-784B

PKI and Security Management Centre: Certificates and Keys Management

     • Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI)
     • Keys and certificates services to applications which require encryption, digital signature and authentication
     • Management of the full lifecycles of digital certificate-based digital identities
     • Offline Key server, key backup and recovery
     • Face-to-face registration
     • Cryptographic operations relying on Hardware Security module

eCustodian - Electronic Key Management System

     • Complete turn-key EKMS system for accounting, distribution and production of crypto keys
     • Approved for handling key material with any NATO classification
     • In operation with several NATO nations
     • Hierarchical structure - adaptable to specific customer requirements
     • COTS platforms using IP communications between