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Last update: June 2021

This document acts as Privacy Policy Terms for any Thales mobile Driver License (mDL) applications for the end user groups including citizens (using a Thales mDL app) and verifying entities (using a Thales mDL Verifier app). General Thales Privacy Policy information can be found at:

As Thales contracts directly with US State and/or Canadian Province jurisdictions for these services, a Thales mDL app may be branded under the Thales brand or under the individual State/Province identity along with a “by Thales” descriptor in the app name.

Device & App history

Does the mDL App allow someone to view one or more pieces of information about activity on the registered mobile device, such as which apps are running, browsing and bookmarks?

Answer: No. The mDL App does not provide access to, or information about, any activity on the individual’s mobile device. 


Does the mDL App use the device's location – either approximate (network based) or precise (GPS and network based)?
If yes, does the mDL App notify and obtain user consent before collecting, transmitting or using location data?

Answer: No. The mDL App does not use or track the device location. 


Does the mDL App find a user’s account on the device? Is the mDL App able to add or remove accounts?

Answer: No. The mDL App does not use any accounts on the mobile device.

The mDL account created for the  users and/or verifying entities are managed at the DMV level when a person, or business, enrolls for the mDL and registers their mobile device into the DMV’s mDL ecosystem. This happens completely on the secure mDL backend systems and not on the individual mobile device.


Does the mDL App use one or more of: files on the mobile device such as images, videos or audio; the device's external storage?

Answer: The mDL App does not access the external storage or the user content except for the content managed by the mDL. The mDL App does access the mobile device’s camera during initial enrollment (if using remote enrollment processes), and to scan bar codes for verification.

Wi-Fi connection information

Does the mDL App allow for viewing information about Wi-Fi networking, such as whether Wi-Fi is enabled and names of connected devices?

Answer: No, this functionality is through the actual mobile device and not the mDL App.

Device ID & Call information

Does the mDL App provide information about the mobile phone number and device IDs, whether a call is active and the remote number connected by a call?

Answer: No. The mDL App is purely used as a digital form of identification, to verify an individual’s age, identity and/or driving privileges.

Analytics and data

Does the mDL App collect, record, and transmit any personal data?

Answer: No. The mDL App will only record and transmit anonymized, not personally identifiable, information for analytic, network performance, and quality of service purposes. No personally identifiable information is recorded or transmitted, including no key press information, no geolocation tagging, no contact information, no location information, etc.

App description

A Thales mDL App is provided in partnership with a State or Province Department of Motor Vehicles, currently as a companion form of ID to your physical driver’s license or ID card. If available in your State or Province, it can be used to verify age, identity, or driving privileges throughout the state and across the nation wherever mobile driver licenses are accepted.

Once available in your locale, you can request an mDL through your DMV. Upon successful enrollment and app download, you can begin using your mDL App. State or Province issued mDLs are legal forms of identification and can be used as a companion to your primary physical Driver’s License or ID card.

For more information on the mobile Driver’s License, please visit

App Permissions

Does the mDL App require access to certain systems within your device? 

Answer: Yes. When you install an application, you are notified of the following permissions required to run that application.

Android App: 

Permission  Comments
Bluetooth The apps uses Bluetooth for communicating with verification applications
Fingerprint   The apps uses PIN and/or fingerprints protection to access the application
Internet, Network State The apps requires internet access to interact with the DDL backend and checks if internet access is available
Receive For push notifications (Credential downloads, updates)
Vibrate To alert for notifications
Camera  To scan bar codes

iOS App:       

Permission  Comments
Camera To scan bar codes
Receive  For push notifications (Credential downloads, updates)
Bluetooth The apps uses Bluetooth for communicating with verification applications
Fingerprint/TouchID The apps uses PIN and/or fingerprints protection to access the application
Internet, Network State To alert for notifications


Does the mDL App send data over unencrypted (HTTP) or an encrypted (HTTPS) connection?

Answer: All data for the mDL App is sent via encrypted (HTTPS) connection.

Data Collection

Explain the data being collected with the mDL App, along with when and for what purpose.

Answer: The mDL app is the digital version of a Driver's License issued by the State or Province, and as such it retains the Driver’s License information. During the mDL registration and enrollment process, the Driver’s License data is stored in the mDL App, using encrypted secure storage and protected by user PIN and/or biometrics (fingerprint or facial scan, if supported by the device). 


Do you assign an appropriate rating to the mDL App?

Answer: Each State or Province-specific mDL App will have its own rating; however, in general Thales mDL apps are assigned an “Everyone” rating for Android, and a “4+” rating for iOS.

Suitability for Children

Can the mDL App be downloaded by children?

Answer: The mDL App is not intended for children under 16 years of age. The mDL App can only be activated through an enrollment and registration process with the DMVs, which includes validation of the individual’s current Driver's License or non-driver’s ID. Once activated, the individual can access their mDL through secure login to their registered mobile device with PIN and/or biometrics.