Nexium Defence Cloud: a new generation complete solution for armed forces

Cloud services are a game-changer for IT users, letting them access their data from any device and spawning a host of new applications and use cases. The armed forces also have new requirements in terms of information sharing. From central command to the combatant in the field, Thales's defence cloud solution offers them end-to-end control of their connectivity, applications and hosting resources.

Cloud services are a lot like real clouds in the sky — they hold some of our most precious resources, they’re part of our daily lives, yet most of the time we take them for granted and completely forget they’re there. It’s already hard to imagine not having access to our data, emails and favourite apps on any device, anywhere in the world and at any time.
Data & apps end-to-end control
For the armed forces, access to mission-critical data and applications is vitally important, but guaranteeing that access is easier said than done. First, because connectivity is often limited in real-life combat situations. Second, because communication networks — whether copper cable, 4G, Wi-Fi or satellite — need to be fully protected against hostile interception and jamming. And third, because conventional clouds by definition are shared resources, with vast centralised datacentres hosting your data under the complete control of the hosting provider.
To meet the specific needs of armed forces today, Thales offers a complete, modular solution: Nexium Defence Cloud.

Nexium Defence Cloud: a complete and modular solution
A smart control centre
The Network Operations Centre (NOC) coordinates all the resources needed to deliver the cloud service — connectivity, information system, applications and security and prevent incidents before they occur (thanks to Data Analytics solutions and artificial intelligence). It’s a powerful tool for military commanders.
 A rugged and secured hosting solution for even the toughest conditions
With a very high-capacity infrastructure for military headquarters that supports any hardware configuration and can be readily extended to all-in-one boxes, a forward base can be transformed into a new cloud node in a matter of hours, securely hosting applications and data analytics capabilities required for the mission
Network connectivity nodes
Highly secure and instantly configurable network access points bring the benefits of the cloud to the theatre of operations so the best available networks can be selected to ensure maximum connectivity whenever it's needed.
 Collaborative multimedia applications
Members of ad hoc communities of interest created for each mission can make voice calls, chat, message and share pictures or videos as required.
Secure, high-availability communication networks
Nexium Defence Cloud brings instant access to the entire Nexium family of solutions: Nexium Resilient Networks, Nexium Sat, Nexium Theatre, Nexium Wireless and Nexium Critical Services.
Support services for defence infrastructure upgrades
Modular service solutions are available to support the migration of data and applications, ensure the appropriate levels of security, manage new infrastructure in a private or hybrid cloud environment, and deliver real operational gains.


Secure, resilient, scalable – and more affordable!
Armed forces with their own defence cloud benefit in various ways:

  • Greater operational efficiency
    Combat units have the information they need to ensure mission success. Data is analysed in real time at the command centre so better decisions can be made at critical moments and relayed more quickly to deployed units. Missions can even be reconfigured during an engagement.
  • Smoother running communication systems
    Just as conventional computers and smartphones can be set up in seconds and update themselves transparently and almost automatically, your equipment and applications are deployed, configured and updated remotely by your own specialists. There is no longer any need to switch out an entire set of radios for each minor upgrade, or expect soldiers in the field to double as network engineers.
  • Absolute control of your data
    The datacentres are yours and no one else’s. Access rights are managed with a high degree of granularity and can be modified at any time as more communities of interest are created. The data generated by all your sensors and network users is right there at your fingertips, analysed and archived in the cloud in real time and, of course, securely backed up.

How can an aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean, a UAV pilot in Europe, a command post in Africa, three armoured vehicles, two helicopters and a dozen soldiers on a combat mission benefit from the Nexium Defence Cloud? How they can share, secure and use their information to achieve their common goals and minimise risks on the ground?
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