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Please visit our Github repositories for more information about Open Source projects and communities at Thales.



Open-source software provides real-world solutions to your real-world needs:
• End-to-end control over your information system and its security.
• Reduced information system costs.
• Technical independence from software publishers.
• Repositioning of integration and interoperability as key concepts of your information system development strategy.

While open-source software provides effective responses to all these issues, a number of challenges must be addressed:
Reliability and performance - How can you make sure the building block used really meets your
Long-term sustainability - What guarantees do you have that the software will be available and maintained in the long term?
Costs - How can development and maintenance efforts be shared?
Licences - How can you resolve legal issues related to the integration of open-source building blocks in an existing information system?

Implementing open-source software requires expertise in designing complex systems that are both secure and reliable, as well as the capacity to provide long-term maintenance and support for those systems and a commitment to the recognized standards that underwrite the sustainability of an application. Managing your relationships with strategic partners who can provide those skills and capabilities is therefore a vital part of any open-source software strategy.

As a strategic partner for open-source projects,Thales offers a full range of solutions to support your open-source systems today and in the future:
• A strong commitment to R&D and active participation in the standardization process.
• A blended source approach to integrate open source technologies with legacy systems.
• Proven methods and in-depth knowledge of our customers' businesses.
• Technical and legal support and full maintenance services.

The company draws on many years of experience in software technology integration, and has created a centre of excellence to leverage that experience for open-source software (OSS) implementation:
• Thales has implemented open-source building blocks and standards both internally and for customers since 1999. Open-source software is now a strategic development objective for the company, and a laboratory dedicated to open source developments has now been set up within the organisation.
• Thales employs 9,000 highly qualified software engineers across the world, including a network of several hundred open-source experts coordinated by the OSS centre of excellence.
• Thales has the capacity to set up hybrid, "blended source" models: more than 400 certified open source
building blocks have been integrated in systems that are already operational or are currently being deployed.

The Thales response to open-source software is a company-wide methodology and mindset. This consistent approach to the world of open-source software translates into tangible benefits for our customers.