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PHAROS is Thales Multi Target Tracking Radar for gun and (V)SHORAD missile control.  Its electronic beam steering capability enables numerous operational features such as Multiple Target Tracking and integrated Guided Ammunition control.

PHAROS is designed to control any medium calibre type Gun, ranging from 30mm up to and including 76mm. In combination with Guided Ammunition. PHAROS provides an excellent and highly cost-effective Anti-Ship Missile Defense capability.

PHAROS Multi Target Tracking Radar also provides defense against small, fast moving and manoeuvering surface targets, including jet skis, to be encountered in littoral missions.

PHAROS offers:
• Ship Self Defence against sub- and supersonic sea skimming Anti-Ship Missiles
• Multi Target Tracking of small Surface Targets in Littoral Environment
• Integrated Target Tracking and Guided Ammunition control.