Port of Doha: Thales supports the growth of a strategic industrial site

In Qatar, the new commercial port of Doha, opened in 2016, is expected to become one of the world's 12 largest container ports in a few years. Thanks to its comprehensive view of the issues at stake in the field of security at industrial sites, Thales was able to curtail major risks while ensuring continuity of service.

Security at a major port: an economic and strategic challenge

Shipping accounts for 90% of world goods transport; ports are the strategic hubs of this permanent flow. Qatar built the new commercial port of Doha to ensure an optimal level of security for people, goods and facilities, while maintaining maximum trade efficiency.
The solution deployed by Thales takes into account all the problems of this complex infrastructure:
- A variety of risks: terrorism, accidents, piracy, smuggling, intrusions, fire ...
- Two entries to the port, by land and by sea, subject to different constraints and organizations;
- The need to ensure continuity of service and efficiency in goods transfer.

A comprehensive view allied to technological expertise

Thales has made use of all of its capacity for situation analysis, solution integration, video surveillance and data processing technologies. The solution combines:
- Perimeter security;
- Access control management, both strict and effective to avoid queues;
- Communication systems, for exchanges between the various security teams;
- A centralized information system linking different harbour sites together, and interfacing security with operations.
The solution designed by Thales gives the new Doha port a significant advantage for a swift and harmonious growth.