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Thales, UK, Defence, Aerospace, Military Missions For more than 50 years, Thales has been at the forefront of the radar technologies for combat aircraft. Capitalizing on this unrivalled experience, Thales has developed the RC 400 for providing a cost-effective solution for light or large combat aircraft modernization.
The RC 400 features all the advanced functions required on a multirole aircraft of the 21st century.
The Air-to-Air function with its advanced automatic mode management reduces pilot workload - search domain management, highest priority targets ranking and sorting - and allows better tactical situation assessment and mission efficiency.
Multiple scanning patterns as well as angular domain and scanning speed are automatically managed by the radar.

Advanced Combat modes with fast and automatic target acquisition and tracking adapted to hard target manoeuvres at short range; high quality of target designation associated to simultaneous multi-tracking and multi-shoot capability.
The Air-to-Surface modes adapted to various missions: Navigation, Surveillance, Target, Acquisition, Very-Low Level penetration.

The reference in its category
• Light weight and multifunction radar
• Modular design
• Adaptable to a wide range of combat aircraft


• Modular design
• Light weight: <120 kg
• Low power consumption: 3.5 kVA
• Different antenna sizes available
• High average transmitted power: 400 W
• Up-to-date signal processing technologies
• COTS components for obsolescence protection
• 1553 Bus
• Advanced ECCM features
• Very Low False Alarm Rate
• Flexibility and growth potential
• Efficient BITE and maintenance concept for reduced manpower and life cycle cost

With more than 4.000 radars and as many EW suites installed on-board combat aircraft for more than 40 air forces worldwide, Thales has a strong experience as equipment supplier, partner or prime contractor of combat solutions.


Air-to-air function
• Very long range, all aspect, look-up / look-down detection
• Automatic waveform management and antenna scanning
• Multi-target automatic lock-on and TWS
• Simultaneous multi-target fire control
• Single Target Track
• Combat modes
• IFF interrogator capability

Air-to-ground function
RC 400 provides all the modes required for day and night, all weather operations:
• High Resolution Mapping spotlight SAR (picture)
• Terrain Avoidance (Contour Mapping for Blind Penetration)
• Moving Target Indication and Tracking
• Air-to-Ground Ranging
• Freeze / Silence

Air-to-sea function
RC 400 provides all the modes required for BVR attack of surface ships:
• Long-range detection
• Multi-target TWS
• Target RCS assessment
• ISAR (option)

• Easy Air-to-Surface modes transitions