World leading System Management Approach for Flexible and Future-Proof Reconnaissance Architectures
Thales has a well-established tradition of integrating reconnaissance systems since the inception of airborne military photography. At the heart of these systems has always been a flexible and forward-looking approach to reconnaissance systems management. The Reconnaissance Management System (RMS) is the culmination of decades of highly successful experience in active theatre deployments with customers worldwide. The RMS accommodates the requirements of legacy systems, where customers wish to grow from obsolete wet-film systems, and provides a realistic growth path into usage of current and future sensor technologies for both existing and new customers. For lighter aircraft and UAV applications, the smaller Exploitation Management System (EMS) provides specific solutions tailored to particular sensor suites and installations.
Cockpit imagery is made available via standard video interfaces, permitting operators to validate acquired images during the mission.
Capable of image compression and delivery via datalink, with support for standard NATO interfaces as well as bespoke aircraft-specific needs, the RMS/EMS gives a system solution ranging from simple dedicated cockpit control units through to fully integrated aircraft operation.
It supports all standard aircraft and military interface requirements, including MIL-STD-1553, MIL-STD-1760, Gigabit Ethernet, Hotlink I & II, Fibrechannel, as well as multiple discretes, RS422 etc.
  • RMS for podded and inboard aircraft installation, EMS for light aircraft and UAVs
  • Flexibility for system growth
    • New sensors
    • Multiple Aircraft Types
    • Legacy systems
  • Wide range of aircraft interfacing
  • Rapid introduction into Service
  • High Reliability
  • magery on Demand Server for datalink transmission of imagery and metadata
  • Close coupling of imagery with aircraft navigational data
  • Imagery processing for onboard or cockpit display
  • Qualified for world-wide operation
  • Proven under combat conditions


  • Indirect Fire Control (Mortar, Artillery, Air)
  • Reconnaissance pod integration with multiple aircraft types
  • Fusing sensor imagery with aircraft metadata for geolocation.
  • Tactical Reconnaissance
  • Third-party Podded Systems
  • UAVs
  • Custom inboard installations


  • Day & night observation capability
  • Eases integration on a wide range of aircraft types
    • MIL-STD-1760 & 1553
    • Legacy analogue interface
    • High-speed imagery interfaces
    • Hotlink
    • Fibrechannel
    • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Imagery output for cockpit interfacing
  • Datalink operation with lossless compression
  • Flexibility of Operation:
    • MFD operation
    • Fully automated operation integrated with aircraft avionics
    • Dedicated CCU for legacy installations
  • Combat proven & in-service
    • STOVL, Carrier, high & low altitudes, high & low temperatures
  • Compact PCI gives rugged COTS solution with spare slots for future expansion - 8-slot RMS, 3-slot EMS
  • RMS is conduction-cooled requiring no
    • Forced air or environmental conditioning