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Thales Remote Tower solution, built upon market-leading TopSky provides a flexible and scalable solution to enable lower cost ATC Tower services.

  • Configurable from small heliport to large airport with functionality suited to each environment
  • Leveraging the knowledge of Thales, which masters the complete set of ATC and Tower functions
  • Offers high level of integration (ex: simple coordination, single FDP, common data, integrated visualization)


A remote tower enables Air Traffic Control services to be provided at an airport from a remote location, instead of from the conventional ATC tower situated at the airport.
The services are provided using innovative technology: high resolution cameras, microphones, sensors and a local processing system
The Remote Tower Centre is fitted with screens and hardware controls to enable the air traffic controller to provide the same ATC services as if seated in the conventional tower
It enables consolidation of several airports’ operations into a single Remote Tower Centre.